Sintra Beaches


Praia da Adraga

In June 2003 the Beach of the Adraga was considered one of 20 better 

European beaches, in the opinion of the readers and journalists

 of the The Sunday Times - the Adraga appears cited in third place, being the only Portuguese beach to appear in the list 

of the choices of the readers of the English periodical.



Praia Grande

It's a famous beach, very popular with teenagers. It's protected from the North wind and considered by the ecologists

the most clean Portuguese beach. It has more than 2 kms of thin sand. Here, every year, you can see surf and bodyboard

national and international championships, on the north part you'll find a salt water pool,

an experience that you wont want to miss.



Praia das Mas

A really pleasant beach, that used to be frequented by the burguesy and also by Sintra inhabitants that arrived here using

the famous electric car that you can still use during summer time. Close to it you can find a megalithic monument,

a prehistoric grave known as Tholos from 3000 and 2500 Bc. There's also a Moorish fountain, from the Muslim era,

that according to the legend was built for a Moorish princess that was in love with this beach.



Praia do Guincho

We can say that coming from the south, Guincho closes the denominated Costa do Estoril and is one of the

most famous places in Portugal for the tourists to visit, it represents the perfect union between the ocean and an interesting dune

and sand ecosystem that lives in harmony with the pines and several different tips of vegetation typically Mediterranean

that have adapted wisely to the extreme environmental conditions.



Azenhas do Mar

Just after Praia das Mas, Azenhas do Mar

is a wonderful village by the sea.

Its white houses perched on the North Slope, is one of the most appreciated and interesting beaches, with swimming pools dug out of the rock. The belvedere of Azenhas do Mar is built on cliffs that drop fearlessly to the ocean.

It is a popular place both in Summer and Winter, due to the grandeur of the view it offers. There, you can admire the Atlantic Ocean in all its splendor and, with a little luck, watch fishing trawlers sail far away.




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